United We Stand

In Southwest Oklahoma, we believe that there is strength in numbers.  We understand that it is vital for our communities to work together as one strong and unified region.   Together we can combine our knowledge, talents, and energies to focus on common goals and enact positive change.  We stand united, working to impact rural, community, and economic development in the region we call home.


Welcome to Oklahoma Southwest Alliance (OSA)

Oklahoma Southwest Alliance is regional coalition of communities, counties, and residents working together to impact development and prosperity in Southwest Oklahoma…and we are much more.  We are a platform in which to launch new ideas and achieve new goals.  We are a business climate for future entrepreneurs, businesses, and industries.  We are a trade area for retailers and tourist alike.  We are an organization willing to adapt to the changing global economy in business, agriculture, tourism, and culture.


OSA Empowerment

By uniting as one strong regional organization, we multiply the capacity of our communities and residents to transform ideas into actions and goals into outcomes.  Our goals are ever changing to meet the needs of the region.  Today, we are focusing on community and economic development, tourism, value-added agricultural products, cultural exchanges and much more.  We are empowering our citizens to get involved, act on the issues important to us, and growour economy for the next generation to enjoy.


Why Membership is Essential

Southwest Oklahoma has experienced its share of under-employment and out-migration over the years. OSA seeks to curb these developments through a resourceful education, training, leadership and recruitment program that will entice industry, business and entrepreneurs to our region. Finding solutions will require the united effort of local volunteers from all of our rural counties and communities combining their time and expertise for the common good of Southwest Oklahoma. We need you to join today!


Service Area

Beckham, Caddo, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Kiowa, Tillman, Washita, Comanche, Jefferson, Stephens, Grady, Cotton, Canadian, McClain, Dewey, Roger Mills, Custer, and Blaine counties.


The Oklahoma Southwest Alliance (OSA) is a Non-Profit, 501(c)3 designated Economic Development Organization.  Accordingly, OSA must and will remain apolitical and non-partisan in controversial, non-economic development matters.  Open and frank discussion is welcome; however, opposing views must be allowed equal representation.  Meetings are conduct under Robert's Rules of Order.


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